2010 Sports Class National Contest

June 15th to 24th, 2010 (Practice Days June 13th and 14th)

Parowan Airport (1L9), Parowan, UT

Glider, Trailer and RV Tiedown Information and Reservations

As many of you know, tie-out spaces on the ramp and spaces for trailers are a premium at Parowan. This year the airport will be charging a $3 fee for tie downs on the ramp and we need to pass along those costs. In the past we have had first-come first-serve allocation; however groups were sending one person to “stake out” spots and the ensuing general free-for-all resulted in heated conflicts. Last year, Micki created a system that worked very well. We did not hear any complaints. The contest team has decided to use Micki’s system again this year with a few modifications.
  1. Tie down requests will be granted in the order that the Registration is postmarked and received. The date that the $150 deposit is received will be a tie breaker in case two registrations have the same date. NO TIEDOWNS OR TRAILER TIEDOWNS WILL BE ASSIGNED UNLESS THE COMPLETE PACKET INCLUDING THE DEPOSIT HAS BEEN RECEIVED PRIOR TO THE PREFERENTIAL ENTRY CUTOFF DATE. After the cutoff date, the date of the deposit will be used to reserve the parking spot. You may check the website to see if it is complete. We understand that some documents are date sensitive. Send what is current and update when you arrive.
  2. After the preferential entry cutoff date, you will be contacted by email IF YOUR PACKET IS COMPLETE and you will have two days to respond with your tiedown request.
  3. Several tiedown spots will be reserved for pilots who have daily am duties to help run the contest such as weatherman, task advisors, etc who would need to assemble their glider.
  4. Tiedowns on the ramp tarmac will have a CONTEST FEE OF $5/DAY in addition to the $3/day airport fee (excepting tow planes). There will be no additional fee for trailer tiedowns except any FBO fees. There are no-fee tiedowns in the dirt in the RV area (reserved for RV pilots) and along the taxiway spaces 59-70
  5. The space selection will be posted on the website so you will know your spot before arriving at Parowan. Any exchanges will be by mutual agreement between the pilots and approved by the CM.
  6. If a pilot drops out of the contest or decides not to tie out, the next person on the list will be offered the space.
  7. Currently, the layout is for eight 18/20m gliders and twenty 15m gliders. If there is a need for additional 18/20m spaces on the ramp, they will be in spaces 46-50 but they may need to be tied out without the tips. Note that spaces 59-70 next to the taxiway will be spaced for 20m gliders. There is no fee for these tiedowns unless there is an airport fee.

The earliest that a tiedown reservation becomes effective is
Sunday June 13, 2010

This layout is not meant to be "surveyor accurate," but to give you a pretty good idea of things in selecting and reserving your location.

Spaces 1 to 20: 
These spaces are for 15 meter and under gliders that will be assembled each day.  Please be considerate. Tieout at these spaces is not permitted unless it does not interfere with adjacent gliders. Note that space 7 may be a bit problematic due to its location.

Spaces 21 to 28:  
These spaces are for gliders over 15 meter that will be assembled each day.  Please be considerate. Tieout at these spaces is not permitted unless it does not interfere with adjacent gliders.

Spaces 29 to 32:  
These spaces are generally suitable only for trailer parking for ships tied out on the ramp

Ramp Spaces 33 to 50:  
These spaces are for ships up to 15 meter wingspan.

Ramp Spaces 51 to 58:  
These spaces are for ships over a 15 meter wingspan.

Spaces 59 to 70 (shown on the airport diagram below):
These are additional spaces available for tiedown of "long wingers." Trailers are not appropriate in these spaces

Spaces RV#1 to RV#3:   These spaces (shown on the RV Hookup diagram below) are allocated first to occupants of the RV spaces

RV Hookups

Reservations and fees for the 12 RV hookup spots will be handled directly by the FBO. The RV hookup layout is shown here and the overall airport diagram below.

The FBO contact information is:

Parowan Aero Services
Parowan Airport
850 North, 300 East
Parowan, Utah 84761-0667
Phone (435) 477-8911
Fax (435) 477-1100