2015 US Club, 18-Meter and Open Class Nationals
June 23rd to July 2nd, 2013 (Practice Days June 21st and 22nd)

Hobbs Industrial Airpark (NM83), Hobbs, NM


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Past Hobbs Contests

This premiere site has hosted many national championships plus numerous regional championships since 1997. The winners of these previous contests are:

Year Nationals Region 9 Winner
2015 Open Class
18 Meter Class
US Club Class

<your name here>
<your name here>
<your name here>
2013 Open Class
15 Meter Class

Sports Class
Ron Tabery
David Mockler
Charlie Ryan
2011 18-Meter Class   Gary Ittner
2010 Open Class   Ron Tabery
  Standard Class    <no contest>
2007 Standard Class   Gary Ittner
    Sports Ronald Bryne
2006 Open Class   Liz Schwenkler
2005   18 Meter Rick Culbertson
    Standard Tony Smolder
    Sports Wagner / McAllister
2004 Standard   Mark Keene
  World Class   Francois Pin
2003 15 Meter   Timo Kiiha
    15 Meter Tom Kelly
    Standard David Mockler
    Sports Larry Pardue
2002 Standard   Tom Beltz
2001 Aux Powered   Gross / Howell
    15 Meter John Seaborn
    Standard Ken Sorenson
    Sports Richard Johnson
2000   Open Petmecky/Roberts
    15 Meter John Seaborn
    Standard Richard Hollenbert
    Sports Echeverry
1999 Aux Powered   Coggins/Roberts
  15 Meter   Karl Striedieck
  1-26   von Hellens
1998 Motorglider   Volkmann
    15 Meter Shepard
    Standard Mockler
    Sports Osoba

GPS Flight Traces are available for some contests here